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Accessing BIOS & Boot Menu

F2 - BIOS (or possibly Boot Menu depending on your model)

F12 - Boot menu

Clear a BIOS Locked Due To Missing Password

Satellite Pro C660

  • Remove memory cover plate
  • Remove all memory modules
  • Carefully remove plastic and paper label from the motherboard
  • Locate two adjacent gold contact on the motherboard
  • Bridge them for thirty seconds with anything conductive
  • Reassemble the laptop and boot, the BIOS password should now be removed

Programmes that can safely be disabled from starting at boot up or be uninstalled:

  • ConfigFree - A software utility that makes it easy to manage wired and wireless connections - Safe to disable or remove
  • Media Controller - Software to work with DLNA devices - Safe to disable or remove
  • Places - Multimedia Portal which can be used on its own or in conjunction with Toshiba Televisions - Safe to remove
  • Recovery Media Creator - Only uninstall if you have made your recovery media
  • Recovery Media Creator Reminder - Safe to uninstall if you have remembered to make your recovery media
  • ReelTime - A graphical history/indexing tool that enables you to view recently accessed files in a fun and easy-to-use format - Safe to uninstall
  • Sync Utility - Similar to Windows Sync, started via either TOSHIBA Assist and TOSHIBA Desktop Assist utilities - Safe to disable or uninstall
  • Tempro Advises on how to fine-tune the performance of your laptop - Safe to disable from startup or can be disabled
  • Value Added Package - Provides a number of important utilities - Leave installed