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Time & Chaos (T&C) is a 'Personal Information Manager' with has three main sections that handle contacts, appointments and tasks. It was first released in 1991 as a shareware with a buy price of $19.99. It was and still is written by Michael Whittington who originally formed a company under the name of 'Isbister' changing to 'Chaos Software' in 200x. In 200x !ntellect (!) was released, with all the features of T&C with the addition of a combined email client.

Chaos Software's website can be found here.

Chaos Fanatics is an independent user group run by David Norcross and can be found here.

A major feature of T&C is its 'All-In-One' screen layout.

Today Module

Appointments Module

Tasks Module

Contacts Module

Mail Module

Memos and Lists Module

Classic Module