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Technicolor SA was formerly Thomson SA and the long history of the company can be found here.

Thomson Technicolor TG582n TG585 User Guide

Thomson Technicolor TG582n TG585 Command Line User Guide

Thomson Technicolor TG582n TG585 Changing The Network Settings

Thomson Technicolor TG582n TG585 Changing The LAN Fixed IP Address

The Thomson TG585 is normally supplied by the likes of pre-configured for easy connection, that is of course if you want to use their settings.

These instructions are based around the modem having an original IP address of and achieving a target IP address range of –, with the router having the IP address of

  1. Browse into the router with the standard address.
  2. Clink 'Disconnect' to disconnect the internet service.
  3. Click 'Home Network' then 'Interfaces'
  4. Click 'Local Network'
  5. Click 'Configure'
  6. Under 'DHCP Pools' > Click 'Add'
  7. Fill out the details as below:
    • Start Address:
    • End Address:
    • Subnet mask:
    • Server:
    • Gateway:
    • Primary DNS:
  8. Click on 'Home Network' then 'Devices'
  9. Click 'Configure'
  10. Delete any devices that have the original 192.168.1.x address. If you have a lot of these, it may be quicker to run the 'hostmgr flush' CLI command from a Telnet session .
  11. Click 'Interfaces'.
  12. Click 'Local Network'
  13. Click 'Configure'
  14. Click ‘delete’ assocated with LAN_private. If you do not have the Delete button, you did not delete all the active devices. Or try ‘hostmgr flush’ from a telnet session.
  15. You may now need to renew your computers IP address
  16. Browse into the router under the new address. And 'Home network' then 'Interfaces'
  17. Click on 'Local Network'
  18. Click 'Configure'
  19. Next to the old IP Address, click Delete. If ‘Delete’ is not there, you have a computer that is still using the address.
  20. Click 'Broadband Connection'
  21. Click 'Connect'

Telnet Access

If you want to access the modem via Telnet you can find a useful tutorial here


Change the VCI setting on modem from 35 to 102. Now the phones work.

Enable Reply To ICMP Pings From WAN

Log in to the modem via Telnet, and enter the following commands...

service system list name=PING_RESPONDER expand=enabled
service system ifadd name=PING_RESPONDER group=wan

Then test with the following Linux command...

MYINETIP=$( curl -s ) && ping -c3 $MYINETIP

Open Ports To Office Server

Web Interface

Toolbox > Game & Application Sharing > Configure > Drop Down Menu > Device > Add

Telnet Interface


List Open Ports

Web Interface

Toolbox > Game & Application Sharing

Telnet Interface

:service host list

Change Name Of Connected Network Device

Web Interface

Home Network > Ethernet > Unknown-00-22-15-ce-a2-a7 > Configure > Information > New Name > Server > Apply

Telnet Interface


Backup Modem Configuration

Technicolor Gateway > Configuration > Save or Restore Configuration > Backup current configuration

Enable Remote Assistance / Remote Access.

1. Browse to the Technicolor Gateway GUI.

2 Complete and check the following parameters:

Mode: Select the mode that you want to use.

URL: Contains the URL that must be used to access the Technicolor Gateway from the Internet.

User name and Password: Contains the user name and password are needed to access your Technicolor Gateway remotely. If wanted you can change the automatically generated password in the Password box.

3 Click - Enable Remote Assistance