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Reset Powerline Adapter

Press and hold the pair button for 15 seconds until the power light goes out and let go.

Pair Powerline Adapter

  1. Press the pair button on an existing adapter
  2. Press the pair button on the new adapter

tpPLC Powerline Adapter Management Software



How to enable/disable power saving mode on powerline adapters?

TD-W8968 V3 User Guide

HS100 & HS110 Smart Plugs

TP-Link product page.

HS100 support page.

HS110 support page.

Kasa for Mobile Android management app.

softScheck open source management software.

softScheck reverse engineering project and security audit.

Device Management Software

TP-Link Tether official router/xDSL Router/range extender management app.

TP-Link Installer Free 3rd party management app.

Kasa for Mobile Smart Plug Android management app.