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Assigning Ring Tone To Contacts

Create a Contact Alert...

Options > Sounds and Ring Tones > Sounds for Contacts > Add Contact Alert
Name: My Children > Contacts: Type Name
Phone > Ring Tone> Select > Try It
Press 'back' arrow and choose Save

Transferring Contacts From One Phone To Another

When transferring from one phone to a new handset if you email accounts set up you will need to log in to the Blackberry service and move the email accounts to the new phone.

Remove The Synchronised Google Contacts List


Email Portal - O2

By default the O2/RIM portal will use the email address as the username for the email account. This is fine unless your system needs a username that does not match the email address. When setting up a new email address put in an incorrect email address so that set will fail. This failure will result in you being offered advanced set up options, amongst which is the option to specify a username.