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From the movies you missed at the cinema and the latest award-winning dramas to awesome kids TV shows or the biggest sporting events around NOW TV is the easy way to get the TV you love (without any of the stuff you don't).

NOW TV streams all of this content across loads of devices over your WIFI connection. Join today with one of four passes then mix and match entertainment, movies, kids and sports passes as often as you want with no contract. You can even make your TV a Smart TV with the NOW TV Box, with no installation and no need to switch your broadband, just plug it in and you are all set.

About Now TV

3 Months Entertainment Pass

This is great for watching Game of Thrones and then stopping the membership.

What? Like other people don't do the same thing. Now TV certainly don't mind.

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Developer Mode

On your NowTV remote enter the following key combination:

Home, Home, Home, Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right

If done correctly you should be served a page entitled 'Developer Settings'.

  • On the page will be the unit's IP address and a username (most likely rokudev) make a note of both of these.
  • With the controller highlight the option for 'Enable installer and restart'.
  • Create a password when prompted (write it down).
  • Save, agree to everything as required and reboot when instructed.



In a web browser of your choice navigate to the IP of the Now TV unit (which you should have noted when you enable the developer mode) and log in when prompted.

Ensure you are on the 'Installer' tab.

Click the browse, then navigate and select the Plex zip file you downloaded from here.

Click install.