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The world of movies is changing... for the better.

The Watchmen Blu-Ray has a digital version for you to keep, and Western Digital have released an external USB hard disk drive which contains a copy of Angels & Demons on it.

The Star Trek and Terminator: Salvation movies also have USB pen drive versions.

I have now taken the bold decision to convert of all of my (hundreds of) DVDs to digital format.

It does not matter about the pretty picture on the disc, or the 3 dimensional box it comes in. What really matters is the movie IN the disc.

I could not be bothered to hunt through my collection for the movie, stick it in the player, wait ages for the menu and listen to the noise of the disc spinning.

Digital is the future, and this gives me speed and flexibility to watch on whatever player I have - laptop, mobile phone or good old television.

Whoever is reading this, don't get me wrong... I love movies; you will often see me at my local cinema (tomorrow in fact, to watch Planet 51 with my kids); bidding on eBay for a bargain; or ordering up the very latest Blu-ray films from my favourite on-line retailer. I am not making light of the media, but I am very serious about having choice and flexibility. If Twentieth Century Fox released the 1080p HD version of Alien tomorrow on their web site for £20, I am there with my credit card, first in line; give me digital and make me happy... :-)


This is my list of DVDs with their EAN. This list will grow every day...

Going Digital

How To Rip Entire DVD

dd if=/dev/dvd of=/path/to/filename.iso

How To Play (Full Ripped DVD with Menus)


In MythTV, go to Setup --> Video Manager and scan for new files; then go back to Media Library --> Videos --> Film Name

Command Line

xine -pfhq --no-splash dvd:/path/to/filename.iso


vlc /path/to/filename.iso

How To Play (Just Movie)

mplayer -dvd-device /path/to/filename.iso dvd://

How To Convert Full Ripped DVD To Just Movie

HandBrakeCLI --quality 1.0 --input /path/to/filename.iso --title 1 --audio 1 --output /path/to/filename.mp4

HOWTO: Change DVD Region Code In Linux

sudo apt-get install regionset
$ regionset 
regionset version 0.1 -- reads/sets region code on DVD drives
Current Region Code settings:
RPC Phase: II
type: NONE
vendor resets available: 4
user controlled changes resets available: 5
drive plays discs from region(s):, mask=0xFF

Would you like to change the region setting of your drive? [y/n]:y
Enter the new region number for your drive [1..8]:2
New mask: 0xFFFFFFFD, correct? [y/n]:y
Region code set successfully!

Thanks -