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Batch Image Manipulation (BIMP)

To undertake the manipulation of batches of images a plugin requires installing:


  • Windows EXE file
  • Linux source code
  • Apple OS X - The plugin baked in to the default native build of GIMP for Mac OS X available here, however, it's not guaranteed to be the very latest version.

Under Linux the plugin requires installation of the following dependencies:

sudo apt-get install libgimp2.0-dev libpcre3-dev

To install under Linux navigate in the terminal to the folder you have extracted it to, then run one of the following depending on your system:

make && make install
make && sudo make install-admin

Once installed the plugin can be accessed via the File menu:

GIMP file batch.jpg

The plugin can undertake a variety of functions:

GIMP batch image options.jpg

Thanks go to Alessandro Francesconi for producing the plugin.

Borders On Selections

  • Choose circle selection tool
  • Begin drawing
  • Hold down SHIFT to keep it round
  • Let go when large enough
  • Move into position
  • Choose Foreground Colour
  • Edit > Stroke Selection
  • Hit OK

Thanks to GIMP Tutorials.

Replace All Pixels Of One Colour

  • Menu --> Select --> By Colour

GIMP pixel replace.jpg

  • Reduce the 'Threshold' count to zero
  • Click on a pixel of the colour to be replaced
  • Use the bucket tool to fill the select pixels with your chosen colour, remembering to select the option "Fill whole selection" in the Bucket fill tool

Thanks to Andrés Mejía.