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Voicemail - Accessing

  • Dial 121

Voicemail - Disable

  • Dial 1210
  • Dial 121 followed by option 4, option 4 again, then option 3

Any messages currently stored are retained.

Voicemail - Enable

  • Dial 1211

Voicemail - Increase Time Before A Call Goes To Voicemail

The standard time is fifteen seconds and can be changed in five second increments up to a maximum of thirty.

To change the ring time:

  • Enter **61*121*11*XX# on your keypad, where XX is the number of seconds
  • Press Call

A confirmation message will pop up on your screen with your new ring time.

Example: 30 seconds would look like this: **61*121*11*25#

Voicemail - PIN Security

  • To set up a PIN, dial 121, Option 4 then Option 2 and follow the instructions.

Two options of security level are available:

  • Standard – PIN is required if you're not calling from your Vodafone phone, or if you're calling from abroad
  • High security – PIN is required every time you call your voicemail to listen to your messages, even from your Vodafone phone