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Windows Firewall

  • Inbound rules
  • Add RealVNC: Program: C:\program files (x86)\realvnc\vnc4\winvnc4.exe
  • Advanced (tab) | Profiles | Tick Private & Public
  • Enable two entries, one each for TCP & UDP

Not Accepting Incoming Connections Windows

As Administrator:

  • VNC Server (Service-Mode) >> Stop VNC Service
  • VNC Server (Service-Mode) >> Unregister VNC Service
  • VNC Viewer >> Run VNC Viewer - Copy to startup folder

Creating A Custom Shortcut

  • Create a shortcut to VNC Viewer
  • Right-click the shortcut and from the shell menu choose 'Properties'
  • Under the Shortcut tab there is a 'Target:' box in which should be something similar to: "C:\Program Files\RealVNC\VNC Server\vncviewer.exe"
  • Append the required IP address or hostname (with a space) after the quotation marks followed by the port.
"C:\Program Files\RealVNC\VNC Server\vncviewer.exe"
  • Click the 'OK' button to finish

Thanks to RealVNC Support.