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This page relates to Nautilus & Nautilus Elementary used in Ubuntu.

Columns PPA - 3.4->

This PPA allows for the display of PDF and audio (mp3, WAV and FLAC) tags as well as EXIF metadata when using Nautilus's List View layout...

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install nautilus-columns
killall Nautilus

After installation in Nautilus click Edit --> Preferences --> "List Columns" tab then enable the audio, EXIF and PDF metadata that you want to be displayed.

Dual Pane View

Has been removed from Nautilus to make it less complicated for users.

If you miss the dual pane view it can be found in Nemo a fork of Nautilus. Nemo can be added to Ubuntu via a repository.

Location Bar

Up until 10.04 the location bar in Nautilus could be switched between the nice eye-candy 'buttons' view to text only, however after 10.04 it has been remove to reduce clutter...

However there is a keyboard shortcut:


To return to the button style:


The Ability To Right Click In Nautilus Disappears

killall Nautilus

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Rename a file: F2
  • View file properties: Ctrl+I
  • Create new folder: Ctrl+Shift+N
  • Open folder in new tab: Shift+Enter/Return
  • Duplicate a folder: Select the file you wish to duplicate and drag it while holding Ctrl
  • Show hidden folders: Ctrl+H
  • Create shortcut to folder: Select folder then press Ctrl+M
  • Close all windows: Ctrl+Q
  • Change view: Ctrl+1 = Icon view, Ctrl+2 = Detailed view

Thanks to OMGUbuntu.