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Accessing The 'about:config' Settings

In the guides below you will need to enter the 'about:config' settings section of the programme you are working with, below is how to do this:

For Thunderbird and Sunbird:

  • Linux: Edit --> Preferences --> 'Advanced' section --> 'General' tab --> 'Config Editor...' button
  • Apple: Thunderbird --> Preferences --> 'Advanced' section --> 'General' tab --> 'Config Editor...' button
  • Windows: Tools --> Options
  • Under the Advanced section on the General tab, click the 'Config Editor...' , then click the 'I'll be careful, I promise!'.

For Firefox (all platforms):

Paste the following in to the address bar and either press the go arrow or press return on the keyboard:

  • about:config
  • Press the 'I'll be careful, I promise!' button.


Headers & Footers - Suppress Their Printing:

For each printer installed and importantly printed from there will be an entry for the headers and footers.

Access the 'about:config' settings.

Note: To quickly access the settings paste the following in to the filter box:


Default settings:



For each entry if you want to suppress printing you will need to remove any entry seen under the 'Value' column. To do this double click on the entry and remove the value, then click the 'OK' button.


No Option To Select A Printer (this is a work in progress)

To cure this problem the programme has to have its printer options reverted to its defaults, find the following entry:


If the entry does not exist you will need to create it, right click in the lower panel then select 'New' --> 'String'. Copy and past the line above in the box. Then follow the instruction below.

Right-click on it and choose "Modify", then enter the following value:


To ensure the printer selection window always appears before printing occurs you will need to create the following entry:


To do this right click in the window below the filter box and select 'New' --> 'Boolean', enter the above text click 'OK' then select 'False'.

Not Printing To Or Not Showing The Default Printer

Access the 'about:config' page.

  • In the filter box paste the following:
  • In the windows below right-click on the print.print_printer line & choose Reset option.
  • In Thunderbird close the open windows.
  • Close the programme.
  • Now when you reopen the programme the correct default printer should be available.

Thanks to ARS Technica.