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Amazon WorkMail is a managed email and calendaring service with strong security controls and support for existing desktop and mobile email clients. You can access your email, contacts, and calendars wherever you use Microsoft Outlook, your browser, or your iOS and Android mobile devices. Administrators can integrate Amazon WorkMail with existing corporate directories, controlling both the keys that encrypt their data and the location where the data is stored.


With Amazon WorkMail, there are no upfront fees, no required minimum commitments, and no long-term contracts. Amazon WorkMail costs $4.00 per user per month and includes 50 GB of mailbox storage for each user. You can get started with a 30-day free trial for up to 25 users. If a user is created after the first of a month, then the monthly fee for that mailbox will be adjusted on a pro rata basis from the first day it was active to the end of that month. If a user is terminated or deleted before the end of a month, then the monthly fee for that user will still apply through the end of the month.



Audriga provides a cloud-based, self-service email migration solution that allows you to migrate from various email systems to Amazon WorkMail. The service can easily be used from your web browser. It connects via standard protocols to your current server or provider and copies the data to your Amazon WorkMail accounts.