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VPL EX4 Projector

Reset Bulb Life

After changing the bulb the "Please replace the lamp" will continue to appear, to remove it and reset the bulb life timer undertake the following:

  • Ensure the unit is in standby mode (red ring around the power button)
  • On the remote press the following buttons, Reset >> Left Arrow >> Right Arrow >> Enter

NOTE: The above button combination must be done in rapid succession in less than five seconds.

PVC-H21M Living Room Computer

If you are after drivers for this unit then a word of advise; do not bother looking on Sony's websites for a PVC-H21M! I finally found drivers listed under a model number of XL2 via a forum. If you bypass going to Sony's UK centre and go to the USA .com site you can use a detection module in Internet Explorer to detect the model of your unit, I did this an got a model number of VGX-XL1 or VGX-XL1A.

There is a users forum here.