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Also see the Now TV page, because it's essentially the same unit but with a different firmware.

The Secret Screen

press Home 5 times, FF 3 times, Rewind twice.

Downgrading Firmware

You can sometimes get the previous version of the firmware during the rollout of a new version from the "Secret Screen" (press Home 5 times, FF 3 times, Rewind twice). Choose "Update software" and it may offer the previous version as an update. This option is generally removed once the rollout is complete and the box will generally update automatically overnight, so it's not that useful even when available.

Software Channels

On the Secret Screen, you can change the 'Software Cycle' to one of the following:-

  • release
  • beta


Winning Formula

AV Forums Post with me :-)



Streaming Stick+

What do I need to stream HDR content?

How to set up your Roku® streaming player for 4K HDR

Why is HDCP 2.2 important to playing 4K or 4K HDR content?

How does HDR work on my Roku TV?

Roku Streaming Stick+ REVIEW

4K UHD HDR Content on Roku with Plex


High Dynamic Range Television and Hybrid Log-Gamma

How to Adjust Your TV to Enjoy the Best Picture Quality in HDR

BBC UHD HDR What devices were supported?

Adjusting your TV for HD

Making Blue Planet II available in UHD & HDR on BBC iPlayer

Bandwidth Usage

Channel Resolution Bandwidth
Disney+ FHD 4 Mbps
Plex 4K 7 Mbps


Why is video jerky when watching a movie or video?

Hollywood movies are commonly filmed at 24fps, YouTube videos are often shot at 25fps, and TV shows are generally filmed at 30fps. This display rate is specific to each type of content, and is known as the native format.

When auto-adjust display refresh rate is disabled, your 4K capable Roku player outputs all content at 60fps. A movie filmed at 24fps, or a video shot at 25fps may exhibit subtle jerkiness due to the conversion to 60fps. To avoid this behavior, follow the steps listed above and enable auto-adjust display refresh rate.

How to change the display refresh rate to match the native format of each movie, video or TV show

Disable WiFi Direct

Types of Remote Control

IR Remote Control for Roku

  1. Home
  2. Settings
  3. System
  4. Advanced System Settings
  5. Device Connect
  6. Disable Device Connect

Unpair Remote Control

Take the batteries out of the remote, and using the app or an IR based remote... reboot the Roku.

Now, you can use the IR based remote control to go to Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Device Connect > Disable Device Connect

Google Assistant

How do I use the Google Assistant with my Roku® streaming device?

How To Use Voice Remote Control

Fix Remote Control

If you restart the Roku, make sure you have the button ready to link the Remote Control...

Encoding Videos

External Control

A little light reading:


Roku Forum

Audio Output With .mkv Files

Enable Developer Mode

The following is known to work the Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3 etc:

  • Start at the Home screen
  • Press the Home key 3 times
  • Press the Up key 2 times
  • Press right, left, right, left, right

The developer settings screen should now display.

The default username = rokudev

Note the IP address.

Set a password when prompted.

Access The Antenna (WiFi) Secret Screen

  • Start at the Home screen
  • Press the Home key 5 times
  • Press Fast Forward, Down, Rewind, Down, Fast Forward

The Antenna Secret Screen should now be visible.

NOTE: Depending on your model and firmware version will dictate what you see. You may end up at the screen below instead.

Thanks to Richard Lloyd.

Access The Platform Secret Screen

This allows you to view the Roku's temperature, IP address and connection details, WiFi signal strength and remote control details.

Also there is access to the following options:

  • System reboot
  • Enable network pings
  • Wi-Fi Remote Menu
  • Wi-Fi Secret Screen

Use the following key combination:

  • Start at the Home screen
  • Press the Home key 5 times
  • Press Fast Forward, Play/Pause, Rewind, Play/Pause, Fast Forward

NOTE: Depending on your model and firmware version will dictate what you see.

Thanks to Richard Lloyd.

Tips and Tricks