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Where Does iPhoto Store The Photos



Keep Photos In Their Original Location

The default behaviour for iPhoto is to import data from your devices in to its own database/folder, this does not allow the end user to arrange the data to their own liking.

To change this behaviour so that iPhoto reads from a different location that its own database:

Main Menu --> Preferences --> Advanced --> Import to iPhoto

Access Photos In The iPhoto Database Without Opening iPhoto

Ensure iPhoto is closed.

In Finder from the file menu click the "New Finder Window".

Open the "Pictures" folder.

Locate the "iPhoto Library" file, then either:

  • while holding the "Control" key click on it to invoke the shell menu, or
  • right click on it

Click the "Show Package Contents" option.

Open the "Data.noindex" folder.

This folder contains all your pictures sorted into folders by date.