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Gnome Desktop

Changing The Default Application For A File Type

Sabayon has PDF files open in the GIMP by default, which is not great. You can change this...

  • Open Nautilus file browser.
  • Find the file you wish to change.
  • Right-mouse-click on the file and choose 'Properties'.
  • Click the 'Open With' tab.
  • Change the application to Document Viewer, and then Close.

Package Management

How To Install Software

Sabayon has several ways to install packages, either via the command line or a graphical tool.

Command Line


equo update
equo --version
equo search <package name>
equo install <package name> --ask


emerge --sync
emerge --ask --verbose <package-name>

Graphical Tools

"Eh? What's a graphical installation tool? I'm using Gentoo mate..."


Fixing Overlay Errors

Delete then recreate the 'sabayon' overlay. You have to install the package 'git' first...

emerge dev-util/git
layman -d sabayon
layman -a sabayon
layman -S

Hamachi VPN - Fix broken libcrypto Error

After updating to openssl version 0.9.8 you will not be able to run the Hamachi VPN software - it complains about a missing library file called

To fix this, simply create a symbolic link to the current libcrypto file with the right name...

su - root
cd /usr/lib/
ln -s
ldconfig -v