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Here are tips, tricks and tweaks for Rhythmbox primarily running on Ubuntu

Settings Files Location

Rhythmbox settings are located in your home folder, the folder is hidden by default so first ensure you can see them. If you are using Nautilus open 'Edit' --> -'Preferences' --> 'View' (tab) and tick the checkbox next to 'Show hidden and backup files' or CTRL + H. You can then navigate to:



Desktop Art

If you receive an error message when trying to enable this plugin try the following fixes:

Fix One

Ensure that you have a window manager like Metacity activated.

In the case of Metacity open gconf-editor and navigate to apps/metacity/general and ensure 'compositing_manager' is ticked.

Fix Two

Ensure that Rhythmbox is not running

Edited the following file:


Find the following line then alter it to read as shown in bold:

import rsvg
# import rsvg

Save the file

Start Rhythmbox

Fix Three

Open a terminal:

sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install python-gnome2-desktop