Paully's Bucket List

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This is a list of things I would like to do before I kick the bucket.

  • Visit Australia
  • Visit New Zealand
  • Visit New York City
  • Fall in love
  • Get married
  • Become a father
  • Jump out of a plane
  • Drive a sports car around Brands Hatch racing track
  • Visit Amsterdam
  • Be in the audience for a tv show recording
  • Be driven in a Bentley Continental GT
  • Give my daughter away in marriage
  • Become a grandfather
  • Visit Hong Kong
  • Visit Japan
  • Visit Egypt
  • Fire a machine gun
  • Drive a sports car at top speed in a straight line
  • Float in zero gravity
  • Meet a famous film star or director
  • Have a tattoo
  • Visit The H.R.Giger Museum in Gruyères, Switzerland
  • Drink Kopi Luwak coffee
  • Conquer my fear of spiders (this one is really pushing it :-)
  • See the following bands in concert: 30 Seconds To Mars, LostProphets, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Filter, Bring Me The Horizon, Muse, U2