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Compressed Text

This problem can occur with documents that contain protected form fields. On printing the document the text within the form overlap on top of each other and create a single hieroglyphic character per line.

This issue happens both on the screen and in printed form.

To rectified this problem:

1: Open a blank Microsoft Word document

2: Go to--> Tools --> Options --> Print (Tab) >

3: Uncheck "Background printing" --> Click OK

4: Exit out of Microsoft Word

5: The faulty document when opened should now display and print correctly

Styles (2010 & possibly 2007)- Set Default: How To

NOTE: Before you go looking to set the default style under the 'Styles' section stop, let me repeat that stop, do not waste your time...

If Microsoft's new 'Normal' style (or what the rest of the world calls 'double line spacing') is not to your liking and you want to change it here is how.

  • Go to options for 'Paragraph' not 'Styles', you know because this is a Microsoft product.
  • Under the 'Indents and Spacing' section alter the following:
Before: 0 pt
After: 0pt
Line spacing: Single
  • Then click the 'Set As Default' button
  • If you want to apply this to every new document check the 'All documents based on the Normal.dotm template?' radio box.
  • Click the 'OK' button.

Close And Save Multiple Documents

USB Drives - Working From - Data Loss Issue

Confirmed on 2007, 2010 & 2013

Under 'Options' --> 'Advanced' --> 'Save' ensure the following option is ticked:

Copy remotely stored files on to your computer, and update the remote file when saving.