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Transcoding is when you decode video compressed in one format, and re-encode it in another. Usually, it's done for 2 reasons:

  • Removing commercials
  • To free up hard disk space

There are now 2 common video files that are around at the moment:-

  1. High Definition 720p x264 MKV or MP4, with AC3 6 channels surround sound
  2. Standard Definition 360p XviD AVI, with MP3 2 channels stereo sound

HD X264 MP4



To transcode the MythTV recordings from MPEG-2 (.mpg) to XviD Compatible AVI, I followed the instructions on this web page. I created a directory /var/lib/mythtv/nuvexports and saved my Job #1 as 'Export to XviD'...

There is an isue with using ffmpeg to transcode however. For the time being, I am using...

nuvexport-xvid --mencoder do the transcoding but this is painfully slow.

I am working on a fix for ffmpeg - I think it lies in the PERL module which nuvexport uses.