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Multiload-ng is a modern graphical system monitor. It's a near-complete rewrite of the good old GNOME multiload applet, that aims to support every existing panel.

It supports the following panels:

  • XFCE (xfce4-panel)
  • LXDE (lxpanel)
  • MATE (mate-panel)
  • Ubuntu Unity (through libappindicator)
  • Every panel with support for Application Indicators
  • System tray (virtually any panel with a systray, in particular those without external plugins support, like tint2)
  • Standalone (has its own window, not embedded in any panel)
  • Avant Window Navigator (EXPERIMENTAL)

Multiload-ng can be built with GTK2 and GTK3, so can be embedded within GTK2/GTK3 builds of all the panels above.