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How To: Remove The Guest User From Login Greeter

Edit the main configuration file...

sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

Add the following lines on to the end of the file...


Save and reboot.

Main Menu - Editing: How To

Deleting items from the main menus cannot be undone so it is best to backup any items before you delete them.

  • Create a backup folder
  • Open the file manager (PCmanFM is the default, if you are not using it the following will not be of use to you)
  • Browse to
  • From the menu select --> Tools --> Open Current Folder as Root, a new instance of PCmanFM will open which will have root privilages
  • Copy the menu item you wish to delete you your backup folder
  • After copying the menu item to the backup folder you can delete it from usr/share/applications

Panel - Add/Move Launchers

Right click on the panel, select 'Panel Settings'

Select 'Panel Applets' tab, click 'Application Launcher Bar' from the 'Currently loaded plugins' and then click the 'Edit' button

A new window will open where you can locate the programme to add and put the icons in the order you want them

Panel - Alter Settings

Right click on the panel, select 'Panel Settings'

The first tab 'Geometry' offers various options to change the look of the panel.

Software Sources

The Software Sources GUI can be accessed via the Software Centre's Preferences. There is an icon next to the Software Centre search facility, click this for Preferences then click the 'Open Software Properties' button.

The GUI can also be called from the command line:

Linux Terminal :$

sudo software-properties-gtk