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SumUP Credit Card Payment Machine

Medway Innovation Centre

Rudolph Motor Factors

Food and Drink


Coffee Bean Shop

Has Bean Coffee


Check A Passport for valid Travel to Europe

How to Wrap a Cable Properly

Hippo Bag Skips

Account Deleters

NEW Southeastern Railway Train Delay Repay Compensation

Southeastern Railway Train Delay Repay Compensation

Reviews & Age Ratings, Suitable For Children


Is 4K a Scam

Real or Fake 4K

Introduction to Open Matte

Watch Cartoons Online (Right Click > Save Video As ;-)


Discogs - Music Database and Marketplace

O2 Arena London Seating Plan

Twickets Fan-to-Fan Face Value Tickets

Scam Prevention


SQLmap SQL Injection Security Testing Tool

Hacker Target Nikto Web Site Security Scanner Tutorial

GONE 24 Hour To Do List

WordPress Security Scanner #1

WordPress Security Scanner #2

Duplicity Encrypted Backup

Sia Decentralised Storage

NethServer All In One Linux Server

META Tag Generator

Python Script to check items using VirusTotal Public API

VirusTotal Tools

VirusTotal Online Checking Tool

Byte Sized Hosting for Plex Media Server

rclone - rsync for cloud storage

The Bookyard Custom Boxes for Transporting Computers

HUGO Web Server

Email SPF Testing Tool

GTMetrix WordPress Web Site Analysis and Performance Tool

ZeroSSL Online Certificate Tool and Downloader

Hetzner Storage Box

Code Pen

Hide my WordPress Ghost

SMTP Diagnostics

Mailbox Blacklist Check

Ping Around The World


Pingability Email Server Open Relay and DNS Checker

Streisand VPN Proxy Server

BackBlaze Backup

Image Uploader

Web Site Speed Analyser and Performance Optimisation

Google Web Site Speed Checker

Email Address Scanner

Pingdom Web Site Speed Test

Email Address Web Site Page Scanner

Visual Ping Change Detection

MAC Address Lookup

Default Modem Router Login Username Password

David Halliday - Wiki

Kent Linux User Group

Mindseeder's Ubuntu Tips