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Tax System

At present, landlords can deduct mortgage interest and other allowable costs from their rental income, before calculating their tax liability.

From 6 April 2020, tax relief for finance costs will be restricted to the basic rate of income tax, currently 20%. Relief will be given as a reduction in tax liability instead of a reduction to taxable rental income.

Tax relief changes for landlords 20

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

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Who Is Supplying Electricity?

Who Is Supplying Gas?

If you do not have a previous bill, you can obtain your MPR number by telephoning XOSERVE (previously provided by Transco) on 0870 608 1524.

Water Supply Portal


Charge £50 for tenant check to weed out time wasters.


Rentify Insurance Guide

Just Landlords Rent Insurance


Tenant Checks

Tenant Check #1: Rentify (who actually use... Letting Ref)

Tenant Check #2: NLA Tenant Check

  • County Court Judgment (CCJ) Search
  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency Data
  • Residency & Address Confirmation
  • Alias Name Search
  • Linked Addresses located and searched
  • ID Verification Checks

Tenant Check #3: Endsleigh Comprehensive Tenant Check

  • Bad Credit History
  • CCJ's
  • Bankruptcy
  • Voters Roll
  • Fraud
  • Accountant / Solicitor references
  • Previous Employer and Landlords

Check if someone can rent your residential property

Guarantor Land Registry Check

Tenancy Agreements / Further Documentation


Draft Tenant Fees Bill (2017)

If passed as is prospective tenants will not be liable for any payments beyond the deposit and the initial month's rent. In effect; private landlords who undertake the management of their properties will no longer be able to charge additional fees for tenancy checks. You would not be able to insist that the prospective tenants undertake their own check and pass it on to the landlord as this would contravene part of the bill:

Prohibitions applying to landlords

(3) A landlord must not require a relevant person to enter into a contract for services with a third party as a condition of the grant, renewal or continuance of such a tenancy.

The bill also limits holding fees to the equivalent of one weeks rent and security deposits to the equivalent of six weeks rent.

Evicting Tenants