KMail To Thunderbird

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How to copy emails that are in KMail over to Mozilla Thunderbird.

  • Close Thunderbird
  • Start KMail
  • KMail --> Local Folders
  • Right-Click --> New Folder
  • Folder Name: KMail-inbox and Folder Format: mbox
  • Local Folders --> inbox --> Right-Click --> Copy Folder To --> Local Folders --> KMail-inbox
  • Repeat for new mbox folders KMail-sent and KMail-trash
  • Close Kmail
  • Copy the new KMail files from your /home/username/Mail folder to the Thunderbird Profile, e.g.
 cp /home/me/Mail/ /home/me/.mozilla-thunderbird/(profile)/Mail/Local\ Folders/KMail-inbox
  • Start Thunderbird