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Resetting the Jawbone ERA

If your Jawbone ERA has become unresponsive, you may need to reset it.

To reset your Jawbone ERA, follow these steps:

  1. Start with the AC adapter removed from any power source (unplug it from the wall socket).
  2. Connect the Jawbone to the micro-USB end of the cable. The other end of the cable must be plugged in to the AC adapter.
  3. Hold down the TALK button and then connect the AC adapter to a wall socket.
  4. Once the AC adapter is plugged in to a power source, release the TALK button. You should see the RED LED flash on.

You have now reset your Jawbone ERA

Note: This soft reset is similar to rebooting your computer.

Factory Reset for Headsets

The following content applies to these headsets: ICON, ERA, ICON HD

To restore your headset to the original factory settings, follow the instructions below. This may help fix performance issues that a Soft Reset is unable to fix.

  1. Turn OFF your headset.
  2. Turn OFF or disable Bluetooth on all paired devices.
  3. Turn ON your headset.
  4. Wait for LED to blink white.
  5. Press the TALK button 6 times in quick succession.
  6. The LED will turn solid red for approximately 6 seconds.
  7. While the LED is solid red, press and hold the TALK button until the LED blinks red and white.

When the LED blinks red and white that means your factory reset was successful and your headset is now in pairing mode.

Slightly different method...

If that fails, here’s how to do a Master Reset / Hard Reset on a Jawbone ICON:

  1. Turn it on, wait for the white blinking light.
  2. Click the talk button 6 times, fast.
  3. If you did it right, it will blink red.
  4. Long press the talk button.
  5. It will flash red & white when master reset is complete.

Note: The factory reset procedure will restore the device to original factory settings and delete all device pairings.