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Grafana open source software for time series analytics.


Change Dashboard Panel Title Font Size

  1. At the bottom of the dashboard, add a "text panel" in a smallest hight "1px" and turn on a transparent background.
  2. Open the Options tab and switch to HTML mode.
  3. Paste the following CSS code:
  .panel-title-container {
    font-size: x-large;

Thanks :-)

Kiosk Fullscreen Mode

This will remove the toolbar shown at the top of every page, useful for kiosk screens.

Add &kiosk to the end of the url, or press d then k on your keyboard.

Copy Panel To Another Dashboard


  1. Select your Dashboard
  2. Click on the Panel Title
  3. In pop-up window, click the 3 bars and choose Panel JSON
  4. Highlight all of and copy the Panel JSON text
  5. Click the close cross


  1. Change your Dashboard
  2. Click Add Row
  3. Click Graph
  4. Click on the Panel Title
  5. In pop-up window, click the 3 bars and choose Panel JSON
  6. Highlight all of the text and paste the Panel JSON text over existing
  7. Click the close cross
  8. Click Save Dashboard




PMM Alerting with Templated Dashboards

Configure the link back to Grafana from alert notifications