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If you want less 'phaff' then:

2015-04-18: This 'lite' version is to be retired (or Sunsetting in Google parlance) in the very near future see here for further details. However Google should be replacing it with a new 'Lite' version.

Maps API v3

For Store Locator Plus WordPress plugin...

Latitude & Longitude

If you want to know the longitude and latitude coordinates using Google Maps, then right click on the map and choose "What's This?". It will then put a green pin on the map and put the coordinates in the page's search box for you. You can then use it as follows:-,1.182014

Pins - Adding

  • Go to 'My Places'
  • Click 'Create Map'
  • Name it, describe it
  • Make it Public or Unlisted
  • Add pins


Classic View

Alternative View

Map Maker (with Classic View)

Thanks to IGISMAP


If you are trying to find some relief from the sun Google Maps will tell you where to sit:


Google Maps 07-59.jpg


Google Maps 14-47.jpg