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Config name: privacy.trackingprotection.enabled
Default Value: false
Modified value: true

Thanks to Ghacks

HOWTO: ALTER: Address (URL) Bar Default Behaviour

Method One:

Options --> Settings --> Display --> Scroll title bar - Untick

Method Two:

By default the Address Bar in Firefox for Android hides as you scroll down a page, to alter this to have it always displayed undertake the following:

Config name:
Default: false
Modified: true

HOWTO: ADD: Search Provider

Go to desired search engine home page.

Press and hold down in the web page's search box.

New bar will appear in place of the Address (URL) Bar with a tick on the left hand side and a magnifying glass with a plus symbol on the right hand side.

Click on the magnifying glass + icon to add the search engine, and follow any prompts.

Then click on Menu -> Settings -> Customize -> Search, your newly added search engine should appear in the list. Tap once and an options menu will allow you to set it as the default search engine or remove it.