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HOWTO: Find Ebooks On IRC

  • Install the ChatZilla add-on to Firefox
  • Start ChatZilla
  • ChatZilla > Preferences > Global Settings > DCC > DCC Enabled + Get Local IP From Server
  • IRC > Join Channel > irc.irchighway.net
  • In irc.irchighway.net tab type /j ebooks
  • click ono the new #ebooks tab
  • Type @find whatever
  • 2 Tabs will appear: like Xon and melz
  • Click on Xon tab
  • Copy the whole line from !Xon file name of whatever epb.rar
  • Paste this into the #ebooks window and wait!
  • Switch back to the blue (flashing) Xon tab
  • Watch for the Got DCC File Transfer offer from “Xon” (123.456.789.000:4844) of “whatever (epub).rar” (23.9 MiB) [Accept] [Decline]
  • Click Accept
  • Another tab will appear called "File:whatever.pub" with the % file transfer progress
  • When it reaches 100%, it has finished
  • Close all the tabs apart from #ebooks
  • Right-click on #ebooks tab and choose Leave #ebooks
  • Right-click on irc.irchighway.net and choose Disconnect
  • Close ChatZilla
  • Read books :-)