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Onda V801


  • Dual Core with 1GB RAM
  • Quad Core with 2Gb RAM


ONDA V801 Dual Core Tablet PC Android 4.0 8 Inch HD Screen 16GB HDMI Camera

ONDA V801 Quad Core 16GB Tablet PC 8 Inch Android 4.1 HD Screen 2G Ram 4K Video Black


Onda V972

What Hardware Version Do I Have?

The device has the serial number on back in the middle of which will be the version number shown as either V1, V2 etc.

Update Your Tablet

Onda released new firmware on May 15 2013, this updates the tablet to:

  • Android v. 4.2.2
  • Firmware v3.0_v1
  • Kernal 3.3.0 igm@SzExdroid5 #7 Monday May 13

v1 Firmware

v2 Firmware

The downloaded rar file also includes the firmware update tool PhoenixSuit to update the tablet.



Clockwork Mod Recovery

CWM Recovery (side Home button to cycle up) > Backup (power button to select) > Backup

CWM-based Recovery v6.0.2.7
SD Card space free: 10532MB
Backing up boot image...
Backup of boot image completed.
Backing up system...
Backup of system completed.
Backing up data...
Backup of data completed.
Backing up .android-secure...
Backup of .android-secure completed.
Backing up cache...
Backup of cache completed.
No sd-ext found. Skipping backup of sd-ext.
Generating md5 sum...
Backup complete!