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Amazon Video, or Amazon Instant Video (formerly Amazon Unbox and Amazon Video on Demand in the US, and LoveFilm Instant in Europe), is an Internet video on demand (VOD) service by Amazon in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Austria, Germany and soon India. It offers television shows and films for rental or purchase. Selected titles are offered for free to customers with an Amazon Prime subscription, a move that angered some UK consumers when it was bundled with a non-negotiable 61% increase in the subscription fee. Like competitors, Amazon has pursued a number of exclusive content deals to differentiate its service. Most recently, Amazon reached a multi-year licensing deal with content provider HBO.

HOWTO: Sideload Install Amazon Video Android App

  1. Download APK file from here
  2. On Android device: Settings > Developer Options > ADB Debugging - Enable
  3. Connect USB cable to phone and computer
  4. adb devices
  5. adb install /path/to/

HOWTO: Install Amazon Video On Your Roku

HOWTO: Stream Amazon Video To Your Chromecast


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