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Remove Trackers

List all torrents to find their ID number...

transmission-remote --auth username:password --list

For a particular torrent, find out what trackers are not connecting and have no useful seeders...

transmission-remote --auth username:password --torrent 15 -it

Then remove each tracker one at a time...

transmission-remote --auth username:password --torrent 15 -tr 0

Then check the tracker list for that torrent again...

transmission-remote --auth username:password --torrent 15 -it

Repeat as necessary, until you are left with the good tracker listed as Tier 1 at the top.

Add A Magnet Link In Firefox

Create A Torrent File (Command Line)

Create the file, using 2 public trackers...

transmission-create -t udp:// -t udp:// ~/path/to/file.mp4

Then add the newly created .torrent file to your Transmission Daemon...

transmission-remote --auth username:password --add ~/path/to/file.mp4.torrent

Installation Of Latest Version Repository

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:transmissionbt/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install transmission-cli transmission-common transmission-daemon

Web Interface

Where is your computers IP address.

Or you can use:


Command Line

List Torrents

transmission-remote --auth us3rn4m3:p4ssw0rd --list

 ID     Done       Have  ETA           Up    Down  Ratio  Status       Name
  1    95%     670.3 MB  Unknown      0.0     0.0   0.08  Stopped      Name Of Torrent
 Sum:          670.3 MB               0.0     0.0

Schedule Start & Stop Of Torrents

crontab -e

# minute hour dayofmonth month dayofweek command
01 00 * * * transmission-remote --auth us3rn4m3:p4ssw0rd --torrent all --start
59 07 * * * transmission-remote --auth us3rn4m3:p4ssw0rd --torrent all --stop

Stop Shoreline Firewall (Shorewall) From Logging

Add the following lines to your /etc/shorewall/rules...

# Drop and do not log Transmission UDP Port 51413 packets
DROP:none!   net   fw   udp   51413

...and restart.

Set Up Transmission Daemon In Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install transmission-daemon
sudo service transmission-daemon stop
sudo nano /var/lib/transmission-daemon/info/settings.json
   "download-dir": "/home/user/Downloads/transmission/", 
   "rpc-authentication-required": true, 
   "rpc-bind-address": "", 
   "rpc-enabled": true, 
   "rpc-password": "{s828b9bb3ccc3a94a6c57a2b328ea3d784a7e210h.DHxiLXZ", 
   "rpc-port": 9091, 
   "rpc-url": "/transmission/", 
   "rpc-username": "user", 
   "rpc-whitelist": "", 
   "rpc-whitelist-enabled": false, 
   "umask": 2, 
   "watch-dir": "/home/user/Downloads/", 
   "watch-dir-enabled": true
sudo usermod -a -G debian-transmission yourlogin
sudo mkdir ~/Downloads/transmission
sudo chgrp debian-transmission ~/Downloads/transmission
sudo chmod 770 ~/Downloads/transmission
sudo nano /etc/sysctl.conf
   net.core.rmem_max = 4194304
   net.core.wmem_max = 1048576
   net.ipv6.neigh.default.retrans_time_ms = 250
sudo sysctl -p
sudo service transmission-daemon reload

To access the server, point your web browser to http://your.server.ip.address:9091

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